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Let them be the Hero of their own story... 

My absolute favourite sessions to shoot are those customised particularly to a specific child; a little hero shoot. 


 I want to grab their imagination and run with it. I want to Inspire them to believe in magic, to hope for the impossible and to dare to dream.  As parents we can get so caught up in trying to be everything to everybody that we sometimes  forget to take the time to enjoy the little moments. And yet every single day we have the ability to experience joy. To feel hope and excitement and laugh with unbridled delight. 

I'll get 50 balloons and we can fly them off the side of the mountain. Or we'll don capes and go on a superhero quest. Or we'll add wings and turn them into a giant soaring eagle, we'll slay dragons, or tame dragons, we'll make a chair levitate, a giant lollypop become a springboard, we'll set a ladder up to a cloud... Whatever it is their imagination wants to do, I can help create it. 

Each session is custom designed specifically around your little hero (or heroes) and the whole session is an adventure, an experience for them to enjoy and remember. The fact that I am taking photos is merely an extension of the experience. 

The result is a beautiful, absolutely unique artwork for them to remember. The joy The excitement. To see and remember how much you love them...

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