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The Mermaid

This photoseries is a collaboration between performance artist Hanna Cormick and Novel Photographic.

"As a house-bound, bed-ridden artist, I wanted to create an exhibition that people like me could still access. The virtual world may not have the artistic clout of a physical gallery space, but what good is that air of prestige when the work cannot reach those for whom it is made?

"This series is also an experiment in access, with significant effort behind the scenes from artists and a team of carers, just so we could move my body to positions, adjust dislocated ankles, crisis-manage dysautonomic attacks, save my wheelchair from being swept away by waves, and keep the air clean enough to capture these images without my respiratory equipment on. Creating access for complex needs is work, but it is possible and it is worth it.

"I hope these images capture something of the spirit of The Mermaid and her messages to us about living with difference."

- Hanna Cormick

This Project was made possible withe the support of the ACT Government I-Day Grant program. 

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