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Blessed with a Baby...

I was privileged to join this family and meet their new baby Thomas, just a day out of hospital. We had a very relaxed session, taking the time to allow Thomas to settle and be contently fed. I like the simplicity of these images, and the love that is so evident in this new little family.

Such a gorgeous bubba.

Remember how tiny they were. The little details.

Nothing like cute little feet...

The blanket in all these shots, was the blanket used to bring Thomas's mum home from hospital.

Thomas apparently frowns "All the time!" I wonder if they will remember this when he is suddenly a happy squealing delight of a 1yr old...

After a few shots of Thomas by himself, we did some family photos in the nursery. I think the details are so gorgeous. The obvious time and effort the new parents have put into preparing for their gorgeous new addition.

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