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Star Wars Superhero!

When first discussing ideas for this shoot, I was asking Patrick's mum what he was into. Princes? Dragons? Knights? Pirates?... The resounding answer was Star Wars! So we went off to my new favourite place - the mist gardens - and Paddy ran around having a great time playing his favourite characters... With such an imagination I had to try and include that in the end result - so as well as the "normal" shots, I have created a handful of images which have him playing, but also hint to what he is seeing in his imagination...

Star Wars Boy

Wow, I knew there was something amazing hiding in all that mist...

Millennium Flacon Rises from the Mist...

Or perhaps there was no forest at all...

On a Snow Like Planet...

Where do you go when you need advice? To Yoda of course!

Yoda in the Pond

What's hiding in the trees?

When trees aren't trees...

En Guard!

Storm Trooper in the Mist!

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