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Summertime in Paris

It is funny the different reactions when I told people I was taking my kids to Paris. Some were enthusiastic and supportive, loving the city as much as I do already and others looked at me like I was somewhat crazy (not necessarily an untrue assessment, but not for the reasons they thought) and that it would be a waste; of time and of money.

For me it was an important trip to take. There are so many reasons why we “shouldn’t” do things. But none of that balances the reasons we should. Yes the kids will miss school… Yes we are leaving half of our family at home (Dad and the 2 youngest kids)… but what about what we gain? New experiences, and adventure, quality time, the joint exploration of a new place, together… Culture, art, architecture, musicians in the street…

I can’t say what it is the kids got out of our trip. It certainly wasn’t what I thought when we set out… but undeniably they have grown. Their minds have expanded, if even just a little. They have now conversed in a language other than just English. They have been chased through the streets by a crazy homeless guy and managed to not get lost on the Metro. They have slept in a castle owned by a count, they have paddled on a lake in the grounds of a castle that has stood there for centuries…They have seen art, in person, painted by the Masters. They saw ladybugs and pigeons and rats (all of which they were just as excited about as the monuments around them)… and mostly they have experienced something "other" than what they're used to. Here's a touch of our journey, in pictures...


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