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The Drought Project

Living in the city, where food just shows up on the supermarket shelves and then my plate, I don't have much experience of how the drought is affecting our farmers. Food comes from farms? I thought it just magically appeared, right? Okay so maybe I wan't quite that clueless, but it was pretty close...

A recent Facebook post on starving sheep pretty soon made me realised how out of sight and out of mind this very real plight of drought is, and suddenly blinders weren't covering my eyes any longer... I want to do something about it. Animals shouldn't have to starve. Farmers shouldn't have to go into more and more debt just to keep their heads above water. Suicide shouldn't have to be the only seen outcome for people so stressed with the burden of the impact of the environment on their business... We need to help and we need to help in big numbers.

I have been working towards using documentary photography for social change, and thus has been born may latest project. The Drought Project. I want to shine a light on the people behind the drought; share the stories of those affected and use social media to keep these stories front and centre of people's minds. It's too hard to make a difference when you are just one person. But together we are millions.

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