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Training for a Trek

I've been looking for a way ahead with my photography for a while. While I love the variety my work brings me, I have also been searching for a defined path to focus what it is that I'm doing and pinpoint what it is that I want to get out of it. I don't want to just "take photos". I want to take photos that mean something, or that make a difference in some way. And so, in the wake of my South Africa visit, I have started to focus on a couple of social/documentary projects.

One such project I am doing in conjunction with The Reach for Nepal Foundation. In October this year, I will be travelling with RFN to document their Rebuild Project in Nepal, whilst also working on a personal project; taking portraits of people and children in some of the remote and rural villages in Nepal that we will visit. We will be trekking through the Foothills for 8 days... so I have been trying to get my fitness up to standard and walking my way all over Canberra...

According to my iPhone pics, I have done heaps of walking! According to how puffed some hills make me; I need to step it up a notch and train harder!!

I hope to create an exhibition in 2018 with some of my images; so stay tuned for your invite!

You can follow the Reach for Nepal Foundation on Facebook here:

If you would like to donate to the rebuild project, you can do so by following this link here:

If you want to come to the RFN Gala Dinner, click here:

As for me, I better get back to these...

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