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Selling a Show

Sometimes you're not quite sure what you are selling. Perhaps due to the fact that it is a theatre show that hasn't finished being written yet. Not to worry, just create some interesting shots! Love the brief, let's go....

I love this image. Something just reads, the way his head is tilted all the way back as if in complete supplication to his circumstances. Maybe I like it because I feel this level of overwhelm on a weekly basis...

Okay, so who know what on earth this means, but got your attention didn't it?

Mid animated gesticulation... I'm listening...

And this image is weird, but hopefully in a newspaper you're interested enough to read the story next to it...

A few weeks later, I'm asked back to take production stills from the actual show as it plays out. The feel is the same, but the detail is better, more interesting... Don't you think?

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