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Fairytale Fantasy

Last year I did a bunch of shoots of kids around their favourite fairytales. Aside from the end result, the whole session was focused on the experience. So the kids got to dress up, use their imagination and play, whilst I created a shot that reflected a bit of the whimsy. Here are some examples.

Beauty and her "beast".

Mirror mirror... oh wait, wrong fairytale!

"Belle" dances in the rose garden with her beast.

This sunbeam was crying out for a sleeping beauty...

Look at those eyes...

I remember a fairytale I heard as a little girl. In in there were 3 dresses. One made from moonbeams. one made from sunshine and one made from starlight. I always wanted those dresses. One day I asked my daughter if she would like me to make her one of the dresses. She asked for sunshine. So of course I had to take a photo....

Little red runs away from the wolf into the woods. Don't quite think she conveys the fear here. Haha!

Peter Pan contemplates his next adventure...

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