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5 Tips for a great 1st Day of School Photo

Kids heading off to big school? It can be such a momentous occassion. Here are my top 5 tips for capturing that special moment.


Tip number 1. This is a record shot. So record your gorgeous little School Starter as they are. Maybe they are raring to go, dressed bright and early and waiting in the car before you've even had a coffee. Take that photo. Maybe they are scared and crying and wont leave the floor of their bedroom. Take that photo. Perhaps they are excited but burst into tears because their toast got cut into squares not triangles... take that photo. What ever it is that your little big kid is feeling, it is valid and worth remembering. When you look back and they look back at this day, what could be better than seeing it as it was.


If you have the foresight and the discipline, consider taking a photo at the start of every school year in exactly the same place, with the same details. It might be your front porch, by a tree out the back, or by your kitchen blackboard. You can also record details that will measure their growth over the years whether it be; "When I grow up I'm going to...", "My favourite subject is...", "I am looking forward to..."

Have them answer this same questions every year and watch as they evolve and change. Here are a couple of images from My sister in law, who has done this for the last few years and it is so great to see the progress.